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Retrofit program

Open the door to new energy savings possibilities.

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With Save on Energy incentives, you can upgrade your equipment for less, improving everything from your operations to employee morale.

The Retrofit program is designed to provide a variety of options for businesses, so you can find the right fit for your operations, regardless of your industry. Under the Retrofit program, there are two types of project applications: prescriptive track and custom track.

Applying for Retrofit program incentives?

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Learn how to apply for Retrofit program incentives.


Retrofit incentives are available to owners or lessees* of:

  • Commercial spaces or buildings, such as offices, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and warehouses
  • Industrial facilities in sectors such as food and beverage, automotive, plastics and packaging industries
  • Institutional buildings, including hospitals, universities, municipal halls and arenas
  • Multi-family buildings, such as apartments (including low-income and social housing) or condominiums
  • Agricultural facilities, including dairy, swine or poultry farms, greenhouses and nurseries

*If you lease, you must have the owner’s consent or authorization.

Retrofit Program – Eligibility CriteriaVersion 2 | August 2, 2016

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Overall, projects that are eligible under the Retrofit program are those that provide sustainable, measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand and electricity consumption.

Examples include:

  • Lighting retrofits
  • Lighting controls
  • HVAC redesign
  • Chiller replacement
  • Variable-speed drives
  • Improvement of a building envelope's thermal performance through measures such as:
    • increased insulation, and installation of high-performance windows and frames
    • low-emissivity window glazing
    • low-emissivity roof barriers
  • implementation of new operating procedures required either to obtain or increase the effectiveness of an energy management system or building automation system, including the installation of equipment such as:
    • an energy management system
    • building automation systems
    • sensors
    • control equipment
    • metering equipment
    • related communication systems

Are you a multi-site business?

If your business has multiple locations across Ontario, you may be able to take advantage of Save on Energy's Retrofit program for multi-site customers. Through this program, you'll have a single point of contact, at one designated lead hydro company, for various projects across various locations. To learn more, get in touch with your local hydro company and ask them about the Multi-Site Application model.

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Note that some postal code areas are served by more than one hydro company.

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