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Regional LED Incentive for Greenhouses

Learn about energy-efficient ways to help better manage your greenhouse operations.

If your greenhouse is located in Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent, you're eligible to receive an enhanced LED grow light incentive.  Whether you're upgrading lighting in your existing facility, converting to a lit facility or building a new one, you could save roughly 30 per cent of your project costs.  The incentive is specifically designed to help local greenhouses manage energy costs and help manage increasing energy demand in these areas.


Ready to apply? To learn if you're eligible, call 1-844-303-5542. You must also be a recognized farm operator with a Farm Business Registration number.

Map of Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent region

Application Notes

When applying for an LED grow light incentive, it's important to keep the following in mind:

  • Your postal code must be within the Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent area

  • Your facility must be a recognized farm operator with a Farm Business Registration (FBR) number
  • Please refer to the custom worksheet for incentive amounts

  • Applicants are required to submit lighting design calculations for review  


LED grow lights are more efficient than traditional lighting systems, consuming up to 55% less energy to give the same level of light.

LEDs emit less heat and provide more usable light than traditional lighting systems. Reducing the need to install cooling systems in your grow area.

With LED grow lights, heat and harmful wavelengths of light are limited resulting in a healthier plant growth.

What other kinds of incentives can I get for my greenhouse?

  • High-temperature cutout thermostat:
    Receive $57 per temperature-limiting thermostat.

  • High-efficiency ventilation exhaust fans:
    Your business can receive a max of $187 per fan.

  • Recirculation ventilation fans:
    You can get a high-volume, low-speed fan for up to $2000 per fan. 

  • Photocell and timer for lighting control:
    You can receive $175 per timer and photocell controller combo.

  • Dual and natural exhaust ventilation:
    Receive various incentives for natural ventilation based on type of product.
Agribusiness eligibilityDownload the agribusiness worksheet today to find out more.

Looking for more incentives?

Check out the Retrofit worksheets to see a full list of available incentives.

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