Energy Manager of the Year Awards

Recognizing Ontario’s leading energy management professionals

Every year, Save on Energy celebrates Ontario’s most creative and forward-thinking energy managers and their work to champion energy efficiency at their organizations. Save on Energy has held these industry-leading awards since 2017 to recognize the skill and dedication of these individuals and their organizations' commitment to energy-efficiency best practices.

Meet the 2022 winners

Edward Cai

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

At the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, energy manager Edward Cai has built a strong energy conservation team of 40 people who are able to deliver significant savings through their work in operations, maintenance, conservation awareness and employee engagement. Between 2018 and 2022, the team’s efforts to implement energy-efficiency and conservation projects led to $2.5 million in savings each year. These projects are key to the school board’s sustainability and energy-reduction goals and are making a real difference across the entire board. “This position gave us the vision and the ability to act,” says Edward.

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Sumit Khatri and Tugrul Kodaz

Dream Unlimited

Sumit Khatri and Tugrul Kodaz of Dream Unlimited are constantly on the lookout for energy-efficiency projects that provide energy-reduction benefits and improve tenant comfort in the buildings owned by Dream. As senior energy managers in the real estate industry, they provide in-house expertise on energy-saving opportunities across Dream’s portfolio. By understanding how their building systems use energy, they can find ways to make improvements to help the bottom line. For Sumit and Tugrul, working closely with building managers, property managers and building operators is key to find energy-saving opportunities. Together, they are supporting Dream’s goal of becoming net-zero by 2035.

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Alex Von Knobloch

Magna Modatek Systems

Alex Von Knobloch, Magna Modatek Systems’ operational excellence and sustainability leader, works hard to identify and implement energy-efficiency projects to meet the auto manufacturer’s sustainability goals. Alex and his team are focused on making Modatek a pioneer in sustainable auto manufacturing and a trendsetter in the industry. Their energy-efficiency projects are helping to make the company more efficient, as well as more competitive for the future market in electric vehicles. They are also making a difference in the community as they work toward their sustainability goals.

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Allison Merz

St Marys Cement

At St Marys Cement, energy analyst Allison Merz is focused on identifying energy-efficiency projects that result in energy savings, increase plant productivity and improve equipment reliability. Allison works with teams at St Marys’ two plants to help drive energy management projects forward. In 2022, Allison and her teams, supported by Save on Energy, helped the company achieve 4,500 MW of energy savings. And through their employee campaign initiative, they’re engaging employees across the organization in energy management to achieve even greater success.

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Alan Sutton

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

Alan Sutton, energy manager at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, leads energy-efficiency programs that have resulted in over one million dollars in annual energy savings over the past five years, as well as in increased profitability and a reduced carbon footprint. Supported by Save on Energy, Alan and his colleagues are developing a path toward strategic energy management at the auto manufacturer. A key area of their focus is to make energy efficiency a team effort by increasing employee awareness and engagement to identify solutions for reducing energy use.

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