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Energy Manager program

Energy managers unlock savings you didn't know existed.

For large organizations, a dedicated energy manager is one of the best hires you can make. Learn more about the value an energy manager brings here.

What does an energy manager do?

Energy managers have the strategic and technical expertise to recommend the energy-saving equipment and technologies that are right for your business. They also have the skills to implement an energy management strategy for your business – working directly with your operations team, vendors and service providers, and managing financial incentives that support project success and benefit your company’s bottom line.

Why hire an energy manager?

Energy managers mean business. They're trained to find energy savings, identify smart energy investments, secure financial incentives and unlock competitive advantage.

Get in touch with your local program provider to find out more about available incentives and how you can apply.

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I’ve been an energy manager with Atlantic Packaging since 2012. Since I joined the company, we’ve reduced our electricity costs by ten per cent and lowered the Global Adjustment charge by almost 50 per cent. My employment contract requires me to reduce consumption by two per cent annually at each of our facilities, and that means I’m accountable every day for delivering results based on our company’s energy strategy.
Adam Murree, CEM, CEA, CMVP, Atlantic Packaging

2017 Energy Manager award winners

The Energy Manager Program is the largest of its kind in North America, helping to save energy and drive Ontario’s competitiveness. Learn more about the 2017 Energy Manager award winners.  

Incentives are also available for multi-site and transmission-connected customers.

For multi-site customers

The Multi-Site Customer (MSC) Energy Manager program helps customers with facilities across multiple hydro company service areas to access energy manager funding through a single agreement with the IESO. This program eliminates the need for duplicate agreements, and complements other programs offered by local hydro companies.

You are eligible to apply for the Multi-Site Customer Energy Manager program if:

  • you have facilities located in five or more hydro company service areas; and
  • the facilities have a combined peak demand of 15 MW, or annual electricity consumption of 75,000 MWh.

If approved, the IESO will provide an upfront payment of $40,000 annually upon the hiring of an energy manager, with an annual total funding cap of $150,000. The energy manager is required to meet certain pay-for-performance criteria, which includes achieving a minimum energy savings of 2,000 MWh per year, with $40 paid for every megawatt hour saved above 1,000 MWh.

Energy managers can reach their targets through projects supported by other Save on Energy incentives, but a minimum of 10 per cent of energy savings must come from projects that have not received any incentive.

To apply for the Multi-Site Customer Energy Manager Program, complete and submit the MSC Energy Manager Application and MSC Energy Manager Agreement to You can also contact us if you have any questions or if you need any clarification.

For transmission-connected customers

If you have a transmission-connected facility, funding for the Energy Manager Program is available through IESO's Industrial Accelerator Program. For more information, contact your IESO business manager, email or visit