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Get growing with incentives

Looking to improve your greenhouse or barn operations and bottom line? Learn more about the Save on Energy agriculture incentives.

Why are LED grow lights beneficial for your greenhouse?

Find out about the financial, production and quality advantages LED grow lights could bring to your business.

Available incentives for agriculture

  • LED grow lights
    Achieve long-term savings and shine new light on your business with LED grow lights.
  • Dual and natural exhaust vents
    Read our agribusiness worksheet to learn about the incentives you can get for natural ventilation.
  • High-efficiency ventilation exhaust fans
    Your business can receive a max of $250 per fan.

  • Recirculation ventilation fans
    You can get a high-volume, low-speed fan for up to $2,410 per fan.
  • Photocells and timers for lighting controls
    You can receive $180 per timer and photocell controller combo.

Case study

Watch how one of the leading cannabis producers grew its business by taking advantage of
energy-efficiency incentives.

Helping greenhouses grow

The IESO is collaborating with Ontario’s agriculture sector to find new opportunities and innovative solutions to saving energy and demand as the sector adapts to new growth.

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LED Grow Lights Key Benefits

LED grow lights are more efficient than traditional lighting systems, consuming up to 55% less energy to give the same level of light.

LEDs emit less heat and provide more usable light than traditional lighting systems. Reducing the need to install cooling systems in your grow area.

With LED grow lights, heat and harmful wavelengths of light are limited resulting in a healthier plant growth.