Is your gaming system costing you?

You'd be surprised to learn how much energy your console uses when it's not in use. Flip the switch to see how much you can save by powering down after gameplay; just make sure to save your progress!

Did you know? Most gaming systems have a power saving mode that can help cut down on its energy use. Learn how to enable this feature for your console.

Your fridge could be hiding energy savings


Watch this video to discover how to keep your food fresher and not waste energy.

strawberry cheesecake dessert jars on display
Conserve energy in the kitchen!

You can decrease energy waste everyday by reducing your use of lights and appliances, decluttering your fridge, and cutting excess oven preheating time.

Try out no-bake recipes to keep you energized and help save on your home’s energy at the same time.

Father holding baby setting thermostat
Looking for low-income help? Check out the Energy Affordability Program

Eligible low-income residents can take advantage of free home upgrades, such as energy- efficient shower heads, appliances and weatherstripping.

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