Rebates to help you make the most of your home

From weekend projects to major renovations, Save on Energy's programs can help you achieve your home’s energy-saving potential.

Programs and Rebates

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Deal Days are on now until November 4 

Visit a participating retailer and save on energy-efficient products that can help reduce your electricity bill and make your home more comfortable. Find a store near you.

Home Assistance Program

You already do your best to save money. The Home Assistance Program can help you better manage your monthly electricity costs and improve your home comfort.

Heating and Cooling program

A comfy and relaxing home starts with getting the temperature just right. Save on Energy rebates can help you make your home more efficient without breaking the bank.

Whole Home Update

Please be aware that rebates available through the Save on Energy Whole Home pilot program are being discontinued.

As a result, rebates for electrical appliances such as fridges and washing machines will no longer be offered through the Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation, Union Home Reno Rebate and the Ontario Home Energy Conservation Incentive programs.

Homeowners who electrically heat their homes will also no longer be eligible to participate in these programs but are still eligible for rebates on air conditioning systems and furnace electrically-commutated motors through the Heating & Cooling program. These changes take effect as of October 1, 2018 for customers living in the Union Gas service territory and November 1 for remaining customers.

Energy-saving solutions for any home

From weatherstripping to smart thermostats, every home can afford to be energy efficient, no matter what its size. If Gabe can do it, you can too.

Check out more energy-saving advice and tips for your home.
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