Watts, kelvins and lumens, oh my!

We’re used to looking at watts to determine a bulb’s brightness, but LEDs have changed the game. Since they use less energy they use fewer watts, so it’s better to look at lumens and kelvins to determine your LED bulb purchase.

Lumens are a measure of a bulb’s brightness, the higher the lumen the brighter the bulb. Kelvins measure colour temperature which can range from warmer, yellow-toned to cooler, soft white.

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Energy savings are hiding in your fridge 


Watch this video to discover how to keep your food fresher and not waste energy.

Furnace, meet ceiling fan

Believe it or not running your ceiling fan at the same time as your furnace can help circulate warm air and reduce how hard your furnace needs works, reducing the energy it uses and your costs.

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Time-of-use rates and why they matter

Most homes are billed based on when electricity is used, this is known as time-of-use rates. So when you do certain activities could impact your bill. When is the best time to put a load of laundry to dry?

Correct! Nope! Think bigger.
The correct answer is:

Time of use rates change with electricity demand. When demand is at its lowest this is known as off-peak. Off-peak rates take place in the evening, overnight and on weekends, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get activities done while saving on your electricity costs.

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Add some smarts to your heating and cooling system


A smart thermostat acts as your home’s temperature moderator. Watch Bryan Baeumler explain what else makes them so smart and how they can help you save on your energy use.

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Here's how to game efficiently!

Did you know that gaming consoles still use energy while in sleep mode? Phantom power is the power that’s drawn when electronics are not in use.

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Make your home comfortable, safe and energy efficient with smart technology

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