Get growing with incentives

Do more for your greenhouse with Save on Energy incentives.

Learn about programs to support energy efficiency and your bottom line for your greenhouse.

Install LED grower lights and see real energy savings in your greenhouse

Looking to shine new light on your business? Apply for LED grower light incentives through the Retrofit program.

What other kinds of incentives can I get for my business?

  • Creep heat pads:
    Get up to $118 per heat pad.

  • High-temperature cutout thermostat:
    Receive $57 per temperature-limiting thermostat.

  • Creep heat controller:
    Get $200 per controller.

  • High-efficiency ventilation exhaust fans:
    Your business can receive a max of $187 per fan.

  • Recirculation ventilation fans:
    You can get a high-volume, low-speed fan for up to $2000 per fan. 

  • Low-energy livestock waterers:
    Up to $350 per waterer.

  • Photocell and timer for lighting control:
    You can receive $175 per timer and photocell controller combo.
  • Dairy plate cooler:
    Get $700 per plate cooler.

  • Engine block heater timer:
    Get $10 for each timer.

  • Energy Star® electric hot water heater for dairy farms:
    Receive $200 per water tank ≥ 60 gallons, as per the Energy Star® website.

  • Milk scroll compressor:
    Get $750 per compressor with a minimum EER of 12.

  • Solar hot water collector for dairy farms:
    Get $320 / m2 of total solar collector area to replace or augment existing electric storage tank water heaters for dairy farms.

  • Dual and natural exhaust ventilation:
    Receive various incentives for natural ventilation based on type of product.

Looking for more incentives?

Check out the Retrofit worksheets to see a full list of available incentives.

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