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Invest in people to improve your company's bottom line

The most critical component of energy management isn’t the new technologies – it’s the investment in people who implement them.

Ask the experts: breaking down electricity bills

Your organization's electricity bill gives you a window into how you're using energy, and by understanding it, you can find opportunities to save.

So you've done an energy audit...what's next?

An energy audit can uncover opportunities for greater efficiency, but putting your results into action goes beyond technical projects alone.
A hand working with a computer that is displaying energy data

Understanding your business's energy data

When it comes to energy efficiency, having the right information at your fingertips can have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

What is ISO50001 and how can it help your business?

If you want to take energy efficiency to the next level, consider looking to this international standard for a framework to follow.

Green buildings to inspire your next office reno

Here’s a look at some of Ontario’s greenest buildings to inspire your next upgrade.

Saving energy, saving lives

Aside from the obvious financial perks, one of the great advantages of implementing an energy efficiency program is the benefit to the community.

Featured Publications

The Bottom Line on Energy Management

This guide explains electricity pricing for businesses and discusses ways to reduce costs by managing how and when you use electricity. It highlights the role professional energy managers play in an organization; explains the elements in business electricity bills - including how to manage your global adjustment costs; and makes the case for demand response.


Municipal Energy Profile

Ontario’s municipalities are achieving strong results when it comes to managing their energy costs. According to a report prepared for the IESO and the Ontario Ministry of Energy by ICF Canada, they decreased their electricity consumption by six percent since 2006 - in part due to their participation in Save on Energy programs.


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