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A room-by-room tour of ideas on how to save energy at home.
See how upgrading to energy efficiency products can help you save.

Build your online home and customize appliances to your use. See how time-of-use shifting and energy efficiency can make a difference.


Three Ways Your Home is Smarter than You Think

Home is truly where the heart is, but did you know that you can make yours smarter, more efficient and more comfortable with a few simple upgrades? 

  >>Three ways your home is smarter.


NEW Efficiency Tips Tool!

NEW Efficiency Tips Tool!

Use our Tips Tool to find ways to DO MORE to Save on Energy at home.

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Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner

Get connected. Come discover the different ways you can use electricity wisely.

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Ontario Energy Rebate Coupon
Come discover the different ways you can use electricity wisely.

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