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Lighting upgrade increases yummy factor at Cupcakes of Westdale Village


The only thing better than a happy customer is a repeat customer, and no one knows this better than small business owners Anne Campagna and Marilyn Gouchie.

To entice their customers to come back again and again to sample the gourmet cupcakes on offer at Cupcakes of Westdale Village in Hamilton, the co-owners have come to rely on a secret ingredient: energy-efficient lights.

Campagna learned about the Save on Energy Small Business Lighting program from a mailer she received at the shop, and was quick to call an energy advisor at Horizon Utilities to learn more. Offered through local hydro companies, the Small Business Lighting program coordinates energy-efficient lighting retrofits for small business owners.

“Part of our interest in the program was to see if we could find some efficiencies and reduce our operating costs, but another big plus for us was the opportunity to improve the lighting in the shop and make our products really pop for our customers,” said Campagna.

With the help of a local electrical contractor, the shop was outfitted with new lights and new fixtures with no disruption for customers.

According to Campagna, the new lighting has delivered exactly what was promised. Not only is her business saving money on electricity, it’s also improved the in-store experience for customers. “We noticed how bright and cheerful this place looks and our cupcakes look amazing.”

With the first energy retrofit behind her, Campagna and her business partner say they are sweet on other programs that will help them continue to improve their business’s overall efficiency.

This comes as welcome news for Horizon Utilities. “We’re finding that for many business owners, once they do one retrofit and see the difference it can make in areas such as operating costs, customer experience, or employee engagement, the more interested they are in speaking with us about other Save on Energy programs,” said Brian Smith, chief conservation officer at Horizon Utilities. “We’re always looking for ways to support our customers in their goal of becoming more energy efficient. We want to make it as easy as possible to do business with us."

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